8 Signs it is Time to Get a Divorce

Divorce is never the way a couple wants their marriage to end, but sometimes it is the best choice. If you are contemplating divorce, it is likely that it is time for that to occur in your marriage. Read below to learn eight of the many signs that it is time to get a divorce and call a family law attorney charlotte nc if you are ready to proceed forward with a new life.

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1.    If the love is gone, the marriage is over and there is no reason to continue beating a dead horse. Do not stay in a loveless marriage for any reason when life is slipping before you while you are stuck.

2.    As such, do not stay together for the sake of the kids only. Many parents think this is the best decision, yet is oftentimes the worse. You do not want the kids to see you in a loveless relationship.

3.    Do you no longer sleep in the same bed together? Worse, do you no longer have sex? These are common signs that the marriage is in trouble.

4.    If your partner is abusive, staying is never something that you should do. Get out as fast as possible.

5.    You fantasize about other people or want to step outside of the marriage.

6.    Your partner has stepped outside of the marriage. Although we like to think we can forgive, sometimes that just isn’t possible.

7.    You feel angry, sad, lost, or alone with your partner. You should feel nothing but love for your partner and anything else is indication there is trouble.

8.    You want to be alone. Sometimes this is an overwhelming feeling inside and you just know that it is the right decision for your life.

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