5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Represent Your Juvenile

If your child has committed a serious crime and is facing time behind bars or inside a youth development center, make sure there is an attorney representing them in court. Although a judge may appoint an attorney to the juvenile in certain situations, better results are obtained when you hire a personal attorney. Learn five reasons to hire one of the best Fairfax lawyers in town for your child when they’re charged with a crime.

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1.    Better Defense: it is important that an attorney help your juvenile with their case so they get the best possible defense for their crime. Without an attorney, the judge may throw the book at your child, especially if they already have a juvenile record.

2.    Type of Crime: No crime is good, but some are worse than others. What type of crime has your child been charged with committing? Obviously, you want to retain a lawyer for the most serious of charges.

3.    Variety of Cases: A juvenile attorney can represent people who’ve been charged with many different crimes. From delinquency charges to assault or drug possession, an attorney has the expertise to ensure your juvenile receives a fair day in court.

4.    Less Severe Consequences: A judge can sentence your child to any number of treatments or punishments, depending on the crime, the juvenile’s record, and other factors. When an attorney represents them in court, consequences the judge hands down after a conviction may be lessened.

5.    Peace of Mind: it is scary to know that your child is facing life-altering consequences if they are convicted of the crime. When an attorney is there, peace of mind is something that you gain. You’ll rest confidently knowing that your child received the best possible outcome in the case when the attorney is there.